V- Power

V- Power

Our students strive to enhance their vocabulary ability and improve their English through the V- Power Scheme

The contents of the V-Power Booklets were recorded by Miss Barker. Pupils are encouraged to watch the videos in their free time and use it as a self-learning tool. From the school year 2017-2018, pupils can also use the Ting Smart Pen to read the V-Power words for self-learning.

Pupils are encouraged to ask teachers / V-Power Ambassadors to listen to them read aloud or spell the words in order to get as many stamps or signatures in the V-Power Passport as they can.

2014-2015 V-Power Kick-off Ceremony

2015-2016 V-Power Kick-off Ceremony

 2016-2017 V-Power Kick-off Ceremony


2017-2018  V-Power Kick-off Ceremony

2018-2019  V-Power Kick-off Ceremony

2019-2020  V-Power Kick-off Ceremony