Features of our curriculum


The Primary Literacy Programme Reading & Writing (PLP-R/W)


The PLP-R/W programme has been implemented in P1 and P2. Our NET teacher / ELTA co-teach with 2 local teachers to cater for learner diversity. An English Room was set up for the programme and a language-rich environment has been created to arouse the interest of our pupils. Pupils enjoy big book shared reading and learning phonics. The Home Reading Programme helps pupils to develop reading habits. Every cycle, at least one story book and one letter book are given to them to read at home after school. For P.2 students, they can even choose an additional book of their interest that suits their level and bring it home with the other books. Thus, good reading habits can be developed. We have also adopted a textbook to consolidate the learning of sentence structures and vocabulary items.




The International Interface

 1.     Missionaries

Missionaries organized by Hong Kong Synod serve our school every week. They assist the English-speaking activities e.g. V-Power Scheme, Lunch with Missionaries and co-teaching with P3-P6 English teachers. Pupils are immersed in a language-rich environment, which enhances their speaking and listening abilities.


Our P3 to P6 teachers co-teach in a reading lesson with our school-based missionaries from overseas once every 1-2 cycles. This gives pupils the opportunity to read extra books.

 2.     Study tours

Study tours to foreign countries like Singapore, Finland and New Zealand, are organized to provide students with opportunities to communicate with English-speaking people in authentic situations. Before the tours, workshops are run to prepare students with the language necessary to interact with English-speaking people. English learning tasks are designed to practise their English during the trip; for example, doing interviews with other tourists, meeting new friends, taking videos at the sightseeing spots to introduce the places. Students show more confidence in speaking English through these experiences.