Primary Literacy Programme Reading & Writing (PLP–R/W)


PLP-R/W Website Introduction

The PLP-R/W programme has been implemented in P1 and P2. Our NET teacher co-teaches with 2 local teachers to cater for learner diversity. An English room was set up for the programme and a language-rich environment has been created to arouse the interest of our pupils. This method of teaching English in an immersive setting enables the students to learn in a meaningful and engaging context. Students enjoy big book shared reading and the learning of phonics. The Home Reading Programme helps pupils to develop a good reading habit. Every unit we have three cycles. Story book and letter books are given to students to read at home after school. Primary 2 students can choose an extra story book according to their reading level and interest. Thus, good reading habits can be developed. We have also adopted a textbook to consolidate the learning of sentence structures and vocabulary items.

4.1 Reports by NET Section, Education Bureau

2014-2015 Mid-year Review

2014-2015 End-of-year Review

2015-2016 End-of-year Review by NET Section by Education Bureau

2016-2017 Mid-year Review

2016-2017 End-of-Year Review

2017-2018 End-of-Year Review

2018-2019 End-of-year Review by NET Section by Education Bureau

2019-2020 End-of-year Review by NET Section by Education Bureau


4.2 Our NET teacher


4.3 Parents’ Workshop on Home Reading Programme of the PLP-R/W






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4.4 P1-P2 lessons

A Paper Plate Mask

How to make a paper dog

How to make a paper piano

How to make a paper bird

How to make a paper house


4.5 Reading Level Assessment

Reading Level Assessment


4.6 How to Download Space Town Series


Reading Town Brochure